Newsletter April 2018

Feedback of ‘Learning Expedition 2018’ In early 2018, Quentin Project for Life set up a special scholarship to launch an innovative program for students of Audencia’s Marketing Strategy Masters in the Digital Age. Fifteen students benefited from this initiative, they were able to meet seven major players in international digital marketing, to better understand the […]

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Newsletter March 2018

  March 24, 2018: 1st Concert of the Fernand Léger Orchestra of Malakoff! Last December 14, we attend the launch of the Orchestra at the Fernand Leger School of Malakoff, 26 students benefit from our support and engaged with their teachers in this musical project. On March 24, just 14 weeks later, we were moved […]

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Newsletter February 2018

  « The 21st century will be spiritual or will not be »   This quote, often attributed to André Malraux, makes sense today. For him, the humanity of the 21st century must find “an exemplary type of man, otherwise it will go wrong,” he added. What is the relationship of this quote with QuentinProject […]

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Newsletter January 2018

bourse spéciale en soutien financier

  QuentinProject for Life QuentinProject for Life is setting up a special scholarship in financial support for an innovative program for students of the Specialized Master of Marketing Strategies in the digital age. This program will allow them to penetrate the heart of the leading companies in the digital revolution. Students will be placed in […]

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Newsletter December 2017

Association Orchestre à l’Ecole

QuentinProject for Life is involved with the association ‘Orchester à l’Ecole’. We will allow students of the Fernand Léger School Group, Malakoff (Hauts de Seine) to launch an orchestra by funding their instruments for 3 school years. The launch is scheduled before the end of December.     After ten years of practice, 1230 active […]

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